Height Comparison of Violet Evergarden Characters

1Claudia Hodgins192 cm
2Gilbert Bougainvillea185 cm
3Benedict Blue172 cm
4Cattleya Baudelaire167 cm
5Luculia Marlborough163 cm
6Violet Evergarden161 cm
7Iris Cannary160 cm
8Erica Brown155 cm

Check out your favorite Violet Evergarden characters as we rank their height from tallest to shortest! Based on Violet Evergarden Wiki, we have Claudia at the top, standing at 192 cm, is the tallest among the eight. And of course, we have Violet, the main character of the series, at the top 6 with a height of 161 cm.

Image Source: Violet Evergarden Wiki & Zero Chan

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