Height Comparison of Doraemon Characters

Doraemon’s popularity has remained constant over time. If you are among the anime’s millions of fans and you want to learn something interesting about the characters, here’s a list of their heights as revealed by doraemon.fandom.com. 

Image Source: Fandom.com
Tamako Nobi177cm
Nobisuke Nobi170cm
Takeshi Gouda157cm
Nobita Nobi140cm
Shizuka Minamoto140cm
Sewashi Nobi140cm
Hidetoshi Dekisugi140cm
Suneo Honekawa135cm

Tamako Nobi, Nobita’s mom, is the tallest character in the series, standing at 177 cm. Nobita, Shizuka, and Sewashi, all measure 140 cm tall. It is also interesting to note that Doraemon, the funny robot in the show, stands at 129.3 cm. 

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