Height Comparison of Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Moon was a legendary superhero anime during the 90s’ and still has billions of fans up to the present. Fans are curious as to the height of their favorite characters, so here is what we found out from tuxedounmasked.com

Sailor Uranus (Haruka)186cm
Sailor Pluto (Setsuna)181cm
Sailor Jupiter (Makoto)173cm
Sailor Neptune (Michiru)173cm
Sailor Mars (Rei)165cm
Sailor Mercury (Ami)163cm
Sailor Venus (Minako)160cm
Sailor Moon (Usagi)158cm
Sailor Saturn (Hotaru)148cm
Chibiusa (Chibiusa)84cm

Haruka and Setsuna are the tallest among the sailor guardians, at 186 and 181cm, respectively. Next to them are Makoto and Michiru, both at 173cm. Usagi, the main character of the series, is on the 8th spot with 158 cm. Hotaru is 9th and is shorter by 10cm. The shortest is Chibiusa, who is 84cm. 

Image source: Tuxedounmasked.com

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